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The FIRST SALE at Bloom!

Our first BLOOM sale. Just find five of your best friends and look at the Halloween Wreaths Karen has asked me to place in this post. All of the DIY floral projects in our SALE are Halloween themed wreaths for your door or living room wall. When you find the perfect wreath on our calendar, find the day it will be offered and sign-up. All six of you will use our PayPal payment tool at a price of $35 (plus CT. tax) each. Then bring your wine and your friends. We supply everything else including a raffle. One member of your group will be chosen at random and will receive a full $35 refund!

That’s our 6 – 1 SALE for our Halloween Wreath events.

Oh, what if you can find the wreath but not the right day or time? Just call Karen and make your own personal arrangements for a Halloween Wreath making event. The same SALE applies 6 – 1 only on your own terms.

A Baby Comes to Bloom with her Mom!

Karen held a DIY Floral Design event on Wednesday and one lady came into the studio with two packages. The first was her bottle of cold white wine and the second was something so cute and so wonderful that everyone in the studio just stopped talking and had to see the little package … a baby. This “Friends Night Out” event was an exciting one for a mother of five – three boys, one Chinese student from Woodstock Academy and her newest additon, her daughter.

Andrea told everyone there that she was so excited about this Friends Night Out just as a way to dress-up and bring her new daughter to her first Mom & Daughter activity. As her daughter starred up at the crystal chandliers that hung over the work table, Mom was able to sip wine and create her moss covered wreath that would eventually be covered with permanent botanical flowers and gourds to create a large seasonal wreath that Andrea will hang on her living room wall.

By the end of the evening, Mom was tired but her daughter was still cooing and smiling as they left the studio.

Grand Opening – Aug. 30, 2016

Celebrate our Ribbon Cutting Opening Celebration on Tuesday, August 30, 2015 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm. View out collection of flowers and arrangements that you can create yourselves with our assistance and enthusiasm. Sign up for classes, ask lots of questions, investigate our DIY shoppe and wedding possibilities and enjoy the refreshments. We look forward to meeting and greeting you!