What is a DIY Floral Studio?

There are so many people who want to learn how to create a professionally looking design, that BLOOM offers you hands-on-experience and teaching in order for you to construct a perfect arrangement.  You can then use your new understanding at home to re-create the design in an amazing number of different containers of your own.  We will give you some unique examples of what you can do with what you have in your own home for floral arrangements.

Do I need to know the various types of flower names and what if I have never arranged flowers that look “put together”?

No worries about flower names or colors.  By using the basic color wheel to understand how colors “work” with each other, you will begin to understand the “mood” of the arrangement you want to create.  Different examples of flowers will be shown and how to use them as focal points, mass flowers, secondary flowers and filler flowers.  You need no prior experience.  You just need to bring with you enthusiasm, humor and a desire to learn or experience a new skill.

What is included in the price of an event or party?

All floral supplies are part of the price.  This includes all flowers, containers, cutting tools, ribbon, etc.  We have an extensive collection of containers of all kinds—including baskets.  Some of our containers are antiques and there may be a separate price for that particular item.  We also provide aprons for all participants and glasses for the wine that you bring with you.  You can even bring finger foods if you so desire.

Can I bring my kids with me?

We encourage you to bring your kids to the events that are designed for them.  We have lots of options for children from 4 years old up.  Please check on the various events and parties we have planned for them on the website.  During an evening event with wine, it is not appropriate to bring your child.

Can I customize an event or party?

Absolutely!!!  Call us or email up (rather than using the on-line calendar) and we can make it happen at the time you desire and create the type of floral arrangement you desire.  We believe that talking together is important in order to achieve the type of party you want and when you want it.  Being teachers, we understand the need to be flexible!!!

What is the difference between fresh flowers and permanent botanical flowers?

Fresh flowers come directly from our wholesaler’s greenhouses and are live plants.  If you know in advance of what colors & flowers you wish, we can assure that you will have them.  Fresh flowers have a time frame of 5-10 days, depending on the type of flowers used or chosen. They make a beautiful expression of caring and love as they are fragile and to be used for only a short period of time.   Permanent botanicals are flowers that will never die.  Years ago, they were referred to as silk flowers, but with the increased level of perfection, hotel lobbies, restaurants and even large venues such as weddings are turning their attention to these.  We have a huge selection of permanent botanicals always available in our studio.  It is very difficult to tell the difference between fresh and permanent botanical flowers many, many times.  For seasonal arrangements on a dining room table or hanging on a wall or door, permanent botanicals are the way to go.

Are there different techniques used for creating fresh and permanent botanical flower arrangements?

Although the design, itself, can be the same, fresh flowers need more care in handling before being used.  They must be hydrated, fed flower food and kept in a cool environment before the event. Fresh flower arrangements use wet Oasis (a brand name of a type of foam used to hold the flowers securely) and stems may need to be wired as a support for some types of flowers.  Permanent botanicals use dry foam as their base and need very little support through the use of wires of other mechanics to keep their shape.

What is the minimum and maximum for an event or party?  

The minimum number for an event is 4 people and our studio can hold up to 30 folks.  When a large event is planned, we have the staff to help/teach everyone well.

Can you come to our home or individual event venue?

Yes.  We are very willing and excited to hold events in other places other than our studios.  This takes a bit more planning as we need to know the types of flowers to bring, so we need to talk to you through phone or email to know the essentials we need to prepare for an event somewhere other than our studio.

Can I do my own wedding with BLOOM?

Certainly—in fact, we encourage you to do it!!  We meet with the bride and plan events around the designs, themes and flowers you want to use for your dream wedding.  The price for wedding flowers and decorations by a professional florist is expensive and many times, you can do it yourself.  Once settled on a design and flowers, we will order them for you through our wholesaler and you can use our studio and cooler to create your flowers such as centerpieces, bouquets, corsages, etc.  We can be a consultant for you during the creation of your arrangements or just use the studio as your home base.  In this case, we definitely need to meet with the bride prior to the events.

What fun it is for your wedding party or friends to help create that perfect wedding!!

What if I need to cancel after I have once paid?

Please give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel.  You will be refunded your money for the event or you can book another class with the payment you already sent.

What if there is a storm and the event is cancelled?

We will list all cancellations on our website and on Facebook and Twitter.  We will re-schedule your event at a time most convenient for you.

Do I need to make a reservation to attend a party or event?

Yes and no.  If we have room during an event using permanent botanicals, you are very welcome to attend.  We would love to have you!  However, if it is an event using fresh flowers, it cannot be done as all fresh flowers are ordered ahead of an event and they may be customized.

How do I sign up to attend an event or party?  

You can go to our on-line calendar, choose an event and pay on-line through PayPal.  You can also call us, personally, or email us and we can make arrangements using that method.  Whatever is easier for you—we want to make the payment process as accommodating and efficient for your comfort.

What is the difference between attending an event and signing up for an eight-week lesson plan?

Parties or events are designed to learn one type of design and is a social and fun event.  Although we have lots of people who sign up for many different events, those people who are seriously interested in floral design may want to enroll in our classes.  They meet once a week (and yes, the times can be flexible according to your schedule) and we never have more than 6 people in a single class. Individual attention to you is number 1 and we will even run a class for 1 person for the same price.  Please see the class description of lessons in our website.