Kids Can Find Their
Love of Flowers Too.
We'll teach them everything they need to know about flowers.

Kids Fun with Flowers.

Kids are naturally creative. Why not let them explore a new art form? Floral design can be fun, creative, imaginative and playful. It’s a perfect way for kids to express themselves. Karen Olah has taught children as an educator. She feels at home teaching kids the love of floral design, and children will enjoy learning and creating together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Besides learning and being creative, kids will also discover one of nature’s most beautiful gifts, which is the beauty of a flower. Flowers are nature’s gift and children will appreciate this wonderful resource while having fun creating a design they can take home and share. Karen will playfully teach each step of the way making it fun for the kids while they learn a thing or two.

So take a break, drop your kids off at Bloom, and have them give you flowers when you return. It’s easy to sign up on our events calendar. You can pay on our site and you will automatically be signed up for a Kids Fun event. Come to Bloom for the event and we’ll take it from there. Your kids will have a wonderful time having fun, being creative and imaginative, while they play with flowers.

Kids get to learn, have fun, create, and use their imaginations.


To sign up for an event go to our events calendar, pick a Kids Fun event or floral arrangement, pay through our website and you will automatically be signed up. Event space is limited. If you cannot make the event please let us know. Bring your child to Bloom a little early to introduce him or her to Karen and then we’ll take it from there. All your child needs to do is follow along and have fun! So take a break and drop off your kids! (Age restrictions apply).

Who? Each Kids Fun event is for ages 8 to 14. Both boys & girls appreciate floral design. The events are designed for beginners. All they have to do is relax, follow along and play!

How Much? Each event costs $45 per event per child. Parents are free with children . Supplies are included. Check the events calendar for payment.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact at 860.338.7332 or by email. Or if you like, come by our shop and check out an event for yourself.

Kids Fun events are a fun way to experience the art of floral design, have fun, be creative and imaginative and play. Kids will enjoy themselves and bring home a beautiful arrangement that they can be proud of.